Remove antifouling
without dust and odour

Remove up to 16 layers of antifouling in one application with YachtStrip Antifouling Remover. Sanding antifouling is a thing of the past, let time work for you.




  • Self-polishing AF
  • Hard antifouling
  • Thin film AF
  • Epoxy primers
  • Adhesives

from boats

  • GRP / fiberglass
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • Wood
Never grind again


YachtStrip antifouling remover
YachtStrip environmentally friendly antifouling removal
YachtStrip CKW 0%

The advantages

YachStrip Antifouling Stripper is an environmentally friendly antifouling stripper that is specially formulated for boats and yachts and is safe to use.

  • dust-free and better for health
  • Remove up to 16 layers in one application
  • does not attack the gelcoat when used correctly
  • environmentally friendly and smell-free
  • does not need to be neutralized

You can use YachtStrip Antifouling Remover not only to remove antifouling coatings from GRP, steel, aluminium and wooden boats, but also to remove epoxy primers and adhesives. When stripping with YachtStrip, no sanding dust is released and no toxic vapours are produced, as may be the case with thermal stripping. YachtStrip is the alternative to mechanical antifouling removal and can be used to remove soft antifouling (even polishing or eroding antifouling) and hard antifouling. In principle, tarry and Teflon antifouling such as International VC 17M or Hempel antifouling coatings can also be stripped with YachtStrip, but the exposure times should be determined more precisely here. Let time work for you with YachtStrip and order a sample now to see the benefits for yourself.



Never grind again

What our customers say

Rudolf K (10/15/2014)
5 stars

Super easy stripping

The paint stripper is not caustic. Several layers of antifouling can be removed with one coat. The antifouling could be easily removed with a spatula after 24 hours.

Customer testimonials
Hans-Joachim L (March 16, 2016)
5 stars

Great, great, great

Finally a product that does what it promises! I tried YachtStrip on a recommendation, initially on a small area. The result was simply great (…) Work is fun!!

Customer testimonials
Martin K (04/25/2022)
5 stars

TOP product and TOP dealer

It is very important: plan time for testing, especially in spring when it is still cool at night (above freezing point, of course). And it takes time (for us about 35-40 hours) to take effect, but then it comes off all the easier (…)

Customer testimonials

The YachtStrip calculator

YS calculator

Consumption calculator

Easily calculate the area of your underwater vessel and the need for YachtStrip for your personal project with our YachtStrip calculator.

1. Select boat type

2. Enter the length, draft and width of your yacht

3. Enter the number and type of your antifouling layers.

4. Remove primer/undercoat?

Result: Consumption and costs

YS calculator


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Simply send an email or call me on 0851 204 28 44. We can also discuss your project “on site” via WhatsApp or Facetime video call. I am aware that many YachtStrip users work on their boat on the weekend and I am usually available then, ideally by arrangement. I would be happy to welcome you to our Facebook group or our YouTube channel, until then

sunny greetings
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Volker Schuster